New Roll-up CX Journey Mapping Poster

We're excited to introduce a new way to facilitate great journey mapping sessions with a "roll up" version of our CX Journey Mapping boards.  This new poster makes it easier to set up and run a CX Journey Mapping session. Instead of using large foam core boards, butcher paper, or some other medium, we put everything you need on one large poster.

This new poster provides:

  • The Jen/ZoomGo story line across the 3 posters
  • A map of the overall step by step CX Journey Mapping process (bottom left)
  • Dedicated areas for brainstorming needs, processes, & innovations
  • The CX Design Canvas, with color coding to simplify instruction
  • Clear designation of areas for On Stage, Back Stage, & Attitudes

Roll up Customer Journey Mapping Template

Like any good CX practitioner, we have piloted them, incorporated feedback, tested revised versions, and are now ready to share these more broadly.  We've found that not only does it speed up the set up for your session, but that it greatly improves the learning experience for the participants.   We've been using it it at our recent workshops and have found it to be an all around great experience.

Download Links:

CXJM Learn Workshop Templates: ZoomGo Chapter 1 - ZoomGo Chapter 2  - ZoomGo Chapter 3

CXJM Design Session Template: Blank DIY Roll Up Poster

Tips & Directions for use:

  • Print these on 42 inch by 96 inch paper  (can be re-sized to fit metric paper sizes)
  • Laminate it using a matte finish to reduce glare and improve longevity
  • We recommend 3M adhesives to mount it without damaging painted wall surfaces
  • Ensure you have enough contiguous wall space in your meeting location
  • You'll still need to print out blank CX Hypothesis Statements for the final step in the workshop

Let us know what your think of these and please send us some pictures of you using them in action!