Introducing our Employee Experience Journey Mapping Toolkit

We are excited to announce the official rollout of our Employee Experience Journey Mapping toolkit!
This is the page where you can download all of the latest printouts, slidedecks, and facilitation guides that we use to run our Employee Experience Journey Mapping (EXJM) workshop program.

EXJM is a people-centric discovery process that helps organizations rapidly frame their employee experience challenges and formulate innovative solutions. The objective is to deliver better employee and candidate experiences to improve engagement, productivity, performance and competitiveness.

As you can see in the below slides, This methodology is closely linked off of our existing CX Journey Mapping process.

The EXJM program is the brainchild of our good friend Hajer Mabrouk -  who after a brief collaboration - has really grabbed onto this and made it her own. We're very happy with what she's built so far and we look forward to a continued collaboration.

Let us know what you think! and keep your eye out on our sidebar upcoming EXJM workshops coming to your area.