Meet the Team Behind DesigningCX


Brian J. Curran, VP Customer Experience Strategy & Design at Oracle

For over 20 plus years, Brian has been at the forefront of Customer Experience (CX) strategy for multiple Fortune 100 Brands in senior executive roles ranging across Operations, Customer Care, B-to-B Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce and Bricks and Mortar Retail in the Automotive, Communications and Consumer Electronics Industries.

Brian’s design background is derived from being thrust into situations that were either totally disruptive in nature to the organization or being tasked with resurrecting a failing department, function or brand. With an eye on immediate improvement to the financial health, Brian has deployed multiple design disciplines in the pursuit of driving employee engagement and innovation focused on delivering compelling customer experiences that produce results.

As Oracle’s Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy and Design, Brian spends a majority of his time around the globe helping Organizations embrace and execute these design disciplines such as Journey Mapping to drive a transformative approach and engagement between a brand and its customers.


Matthew Banks, Sr. Dir. Customer Experience Strategy & Design at Oracle

Matthew cut his teeth in complex global supply chains, driving Marketing transformation programmes in the manufacturing and fashion industries.  Since joining Oracle, he has brought innovative leadership to consulting and product management teams, and has led numerous Strategy & Design engagements.  He is a sought after conference speaker,  specializing in Brand Transformation.  He was educated at Oxford and lives in the UK.



Matthew Price, Sr. Dir. Customer Experience Strategy & Design at Oracle

What Motivates You?

I love to see that light bulb moment when teams of people across different silos in an organization see things from a unified customer perspective.  There is a shared realization that customers don't understand or honestly care about how hard it is for a large organization to work well across teams.  They expect to be served, and served well.   It's very rewarding in the midst of this to be able to transfer both passion and skills to teams of people that are trying to find ways to move from a desire to drive change, to actually doing it. 

What Does It Take To Succeed?

I think we all have to start by being honest about where we are as an organization, and as individuals before we can embark on driving the kind of change we hope to see.  Journey Mapping is just a tool.  It's a good one, but without the willingness to be honest about what is today, it won't serve us very well.  


Merlyn Gordon, Dir. Customer Experience Strategy & Design at Oracle

Merlyn has led change in digital marketing, ecommerce and product marketing functions for numerous brands in both the high tech and retail industries.  He knows the pressure on brands as they respond to digital disruption and changing customer expectations.  He is a leader and
enabler of ‘agents for change’ as they develop transformation strategies. 
He lives in Portland, Oregon.