Oracle NEXT

Ideas. Executed.

You have a motivation to change. You want to innovate.
You have ideas. But an idea unexecuted is a waste.
An Idea should be shared, validated, built and at least tested.
If the idea is viable, then it has to make it to market.
And that idea must, of course, meet a need. So Innovation
is an idea executed in the market. That’s our view.


Our Team.

NEXT is Oracle's co-innovation program.

Using a diverse set of skills, we partner with you to identify your clear and motivating business challenge. We then jointly ideate and take the output so that it can be shared, validated and quickly built into a prototype or minimum viable product. This MVP can be tested on a small scale to provide measurable feedback and results, and if desired, scaled to full production.

To ‘frame and ideate’ we blend our business innovators and solution designers with your team. Together, we produce ideas aligned to the Value Equation. We always seek to work with you, rather than for you. We then build at pace using our developers who are familiar with agile methodologies, the latest in UI design, DevOps and of course our unique set of Cloud capabilities.

The NEXT team and your developers, combined with designers and architects from both of our teams, experimenting and building together on the same platform and tools. We act as one blended team with one goal: To execute an idea that has business impact.

How Do We Work.

Oracle NEXT uses our innovation methodology, coupled with an agile development capability for producing real prototypes and strategy expertise to create the business case.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping is one tool in the NEXT toolkit. Journey Maps are outstanding tools to aid in the framing of your current situation, and then allowing you to begin the initial exploration of viable, feasible, and desirable solutions to meet your business challenge. However, Journey Mapping will only produce ideas - the Maps on their own will not drive change. In order to deliver an innovation, your ideas must be tested with real customers in real settings.

You can find out more information about Oracle NEXT by contacting your Account Manager to begin the conversation, or you may contact us from here.