Key Principles behind Oracle NEXT

Our workshops are designed to help you answer questions posed by The Business Snapshot and the Value Equation. We use these two key principles to re-frame the initial business challenge, and to identify solution ideas that fulfill customer needs while delivering positive financial results. We use the Business Snapshot to understand WHAT is happening with our business and the environment around it. We use the Value Equation to understand WHY and HOW results are happening, and to identify opportunities for change.


The Business Snapshot

The Business Snapshot is a framework to visualize and organize the way in which a business generates income through their interactions with customers. The Business Model doesn't exist in a vacuum, rather it is surrounded by an ocean of Influencers, Trends, and Competitors.

The Value Equation

The Value Equation is anchored on one end by a business' need to drive Financial Results, and by Customer Needs on the other end. Through an analysis of the variables in the Value Equation, it is possible to gain an understanding of the cause and effect sequence of events that are delivering current financial results, and the elements that need to transform in order to drive a different set of results.



Customer Lifecycle, Journeys, and Needs

Humans are on journeys to fulfill their needs. Organizations that understand this fact and engage in a way that help customers fulfill these needs, will be able to influence customers to think and behave in a way that will yield positive financial, mission, and/or budget results for the organization.